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December 16, 2008 – 6:30-8:30 p.m.
The NEW Integration Yoga Studio
4633 Bancroft (just west of Talmadge)

Professional practitioners dedicated to helping you feel better, relax,
let go & find relief from daily tensions & worries,
especially beneficial during the hectic holiday season
in our current economy


Chair massage, Reiki, EFT, CCT, yoga, acupressure,
life coaching, meditation, stress relief & more
FREE or for minimal donation ($3)

Jenn McCullough, Certified Yoga Instructor
(419) A-OM-YOGA (266-9642)

Yoga is an ancient practice that promotes health for the whole individual. Yoga, meaning
“to join”, incorporates gentle stretches with conscious breathing and relaxation techniques
to create a body-mind-spirit experience. The vast benefits of yoga include increased flexibility, strength, balance, focus and improved sense of well-being. People of all ages, backgrounds
and abilities can do yoga. At the beginning of the Shares, Jenn will guide us through a mini-yoga session. Please wear comfortable clothes. All props available at the studio.


Kneading Time A Place For Us Acoustic Arcana
Changing Your Focus Healing Garden World

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Natural Family Living Sale in Sylvania, Ohio

THIS SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 27, 2008: (please note, date is incorrect below)

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Healing Share in Toledo, Ohio

This Fall… An ongoing series:

 Expanding Your Everyday Toolkit

…health, healing, balance and prosperity are every person’s birthright.
Join us Monday evening, September 15th at Kneading Time Holistic Center, for the first of three series featuring a beautiful array of modalities which, in very practical ways, can be used every day to assist you in manifesting your inner perfection.

Our Healing Shares offer brief informative and helpful lectures as well as complimentary “mini” healing treatments from many local practitioners.

Types of services that may be available are: 

Massage Therapy ~ Reiki ~ CCT ~ EFT ~ Hypnosis
Vibrational Healing ~ Lifestyle Coaching

This is a relaxed format with time for healing, networking and community. The first fifteen minutes will be five minute presentations on ways you can expand your toolkit. The remainder of the evening allows time to gain access to many different healing sessions… just for you!

Come for the healing, the lecture or BOTH! Donations gladly accepted.


    Our September Healing Share will focus on three individual healing modalities with guest speakers as follows:

EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique

            Balance your body’s energy system and access emotional freedom. EFT is a practice that involves tapping on the meridian points used in acupuncture. Learn a simple method that allows you to clear energetic disruptions and experience expanded access to health, happiness and abundance.
Cindy Baker
Energy Psychology Practitioner
Discover your inner power. Think of your subconscious mind as a greenhouse. Both roses and poison ivy will flourish in this fertile environment. With hypnosis you do the weeding, pruning and healthy reseeding to stay happy and strong.
George Mezinko
EFT Practitioner/Certified Hypnotherapist
Enchanted Play
Writer, Artist and Dancer Melanie A. Stinson will present “Enchanted Play,”  simple ways to shift your energy and outlook, increase your creative flow, and think outside the box at home and at work. The enchantment will continue throughout the evening with Reiki and Crystalline Consciousness mini-sessions given by Melanie, a massage therapist solely practicing energy modalities in Ohio.
Melanie A. Stinson, LMT
Writer, artist, dancer, Certified CCT and Energy Practitioner

 Kneading Time’s goal is to offer diversified and holistically based therapies that assist in balancing individual needs. We are committed to helping our clients regain and maintain a sense of well being by providing them a way to take time out of life’s stresses and reconnect with self. We offer this within a comfortable and safe environment, which allows and encourages self-reflection and self-appreciation. We look forward to seeing you!

Kneading Time Holistic Therapy Center… The place to go when you need a little time for yourself!

5702 West Alexis ~ Sylvania, Ohio 43560

419-885-8780 visit us at:

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Stress Relief, Reiki & More in Toledo, Ohio

Wednesdays, September, 2008 – WALK INS – 4:30-6:30 p.m.
De-stress, relax, cool out, feel rejuvenated. Drop in any time during these two hours, no appointment necessary, and experience the ancient Japanese energy healing of Reiki by donation ($1/minute) with Melanie A. Stinson, a New York State-licensed massage therapist who solely practices Reiki and Crystalline Consciousness Technique with a mixture of other energy modalities in Ohio.

“I find energy modalities to be so profound and deeply healing. They have a mystical or sacred quality to them that touches every part of a person. Massage has its place and that’s certainly where I started, but even as a dancer who knows that dance professionals’ physical bodies need massage, I feel that CCT and Reiki can help an individual make changes and address stresses and personal issues that massage is not meant to focus on.” — Melanie

Try CCT mini-sessions ($15) on a first-come first-served basis and find out how powerful intentions can be as you relax and then connect to your inner Yoda and heart-felt dreams. CCT is great for individuals, groups, children, and businesses.

These sessions are not rub-downs or massage. No oils, lotions or disrobing. No fuss! Can be done in a comfy chair or on a massage table.

Discover more wonderful ways to relax plus classes this fall. Check back often as we list them on this web site. Take time for yourself. Join us! All sessions except listed walk ins are by appointment only. 

419-885-8780 KNEADING TIME

To request a specific practitioner,

Check ABOUT page for individual contact information

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We hope you’ll drop by here often as we offer the latest information about relaxation, stress relief, peace of mind, and well-being.

We’re currently the only center offering the revolutionary Crystalline Consciousness Technique in the Toledo/Sylvania, Ohio area. We also offer EFT, pain management, life coaching, ancient oriental systems like Reiki and Shiatsu, and more traditional Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue, Reflexology, Hypnosis, and other supportive wellness care.

We have a great staff if you live in northwest Ohio or southeastern Michigan and want to set up an appointment. Simply call 419-885-8780, or check the About Us page to set up an appointment with your favorite practitioners.

AUGUST 20 & 27, drop by between 12 noon and 2:00 p.m. for our special walk ins service – no appointment needed and by donation! Try clothed energy massage, Reiki or CCT mini-sessions. All are wonderful ways to de-stress, relieve anxiety, and relax.

Where are we located? 5702 West Alexis Road in Sylvania, Ohio, just off I-23 across from KFC and Rite Aid Pharmacy complex.

As we construct this blog site, please visit our home base site at

Look for upcoming retreats, workshops, and classes all designed to help you be all you want to be.